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April 17, 2014
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Protecting Your Laptop Assets – How MyLaptopGPS Works

Encrypt Sensitive Data. Track Stolen Laptops. Recover Lost Assets. Destroy At-Risk Files.

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MyLaptopGPS protects laptop assets for all types of organizations and individuals with a proven multi-layered approach to laptop security.

Encrypt Sensitive Data

Your data is far more valuable than your laptop. MyLaptopGPS Encryption locks down your data. Even if a thief steals your computer, our encryption is a fortress, and your data is secure.

  • Remote Decryption Kill™ (RDK): even a thief who has the decryption key cannot decrypt
  • Automatic re-encryption
  • Encrypt USB drives, thumb drives and other removable media

Prevent Laptop Theft — MyLaptopGPS SafeTag™

What’s the best way to avoid the risks and costs associated with laptop theft? Prevent theft from happening. Our second layer of security is the MyLaptopGPS SafeTag™, a heavy-duty tag permanently affixed to your laptops warning that they are registered and trackable. SafeTags convince thieves to find an easier target. With SafeTags, MyLaptopGPS has achieved a 99.6% theft prevention rate.

Track Laptop Assets — Covertly

The third layer of our comprehensive security solution is tracking software installed on your laptops. The instant a thief, fence, or buyer of your stolen laptop connects to the Internet, MyLaptopGPS covertly communicates the laptop’s location to the MyLaptopGPS data center, at which point the MyLaptopGPS team engages local authorities to retrieve the laptop and apprehend the criminal.

Recover Laptop Data — Covertly and Securely

The real danger is in the data. And the fourth security layer of MyLaptopGPS works at the data level. Once you report a laptop lost or stolen and the laptop is connected to the Internet, MyLaptopGPS is able to automatically and covertly retrieve any data, in any format, that you need recovered. Files are safely returned via a fully-encrypted transfer to our secure data center.

Destroy At-Risk Data — Covertly and Remotely

As soon as your needed data is recovered, MyLaptopGPS covertly and remotely destroys all data you don’t want compromised—sensitive data, private data, confidential data, any data. This fifth layer of security ensures that your data and your clients' data will never be breached.

Identify and Trace Laptops

Our sixth layer of protection optimizes long-term recovery. Installed on your computer, MyLaptopGPS software has a unique identifier so that your assets are traceable even if serial numbers are removed. And the MyLaptopGPS database, accessible only to registered owners and the MyLaptopGPS team, indefinitely maintains all relevant information—serial numbers, unique identifiers, ownership records, etc. Together, these ensure that a recovered laptop can be returned to its rightful owner.

Purchase or Call Today

Is multi-layer MyLaptopGPS laptop security right for you and your business? If you agree it is, you can purchase MyLaptopGPS online right now or contact us to discuss your laptop security needs.

Steps to Laptop Security with MyLaptopGPS

MyLaptopGPS is easy to implement. Apply your SafeTags, install the software, and rest comfortably, assured that the most comprehensive, ultimate, multi-layered security system is safeguarding your precious data—and your laptop hardware itself.

If one of your laptops is lost or stolen, alert the MyLaptopGPS team immediately by phone or via the Internet by logging into your account. Throughout the tracking and recovery process, our system emails you with status updates as they occur. When files are recovered, you will be able to download them simply by logging into your account.

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